How It Works

Installation Options

Bring Your Own Builder

BYOB allows any qualified home builder or pool builder to manage the permitting, site preparation, and installation of the Little Dipper. Some locations also allow for a structural landscaper or plumber to install one.

Certified Partner

We have a growing number of installation partners who can manage the certification, site preparation, and installation of the Little Dipper.

Become a Certified Partner

Owner Builder

Installing the Little Dipper as a home owner is an available option in some locations - we recommend checking the required processes and permits with your local government to see whether this works for you.

Step 1

Select Your Options

Our team will prepare a custom quote based on your preferred filtration system, delivery arrangements, and installation requirements. We will work with you to customize your Little Dipper in order to create your dream backyard.

Select Options
Step 2

Permitting & Safety

We will work with the installer and local governments to make sure we have the necessary permits, certifications, and safety protocols in place before we ever step foot on your property.

Step 3

Site Preparation

Little Dippers sit on a pre-engineered concrete slab custom poured for the soil type of the site. In-ground or semi-recessed pools typically require additional excavation and soil removal.

Step 4

Crane Hire

A crane is required to lift the pool from our delivery truck and place it onto the concrete base slab. Access to the property, location, and complexity of the install all factor into the cost of the cranes so a free site assessment and quote will be provided.

Step 5

Plumbing & Electrical

Primary plumbing fixtures and electrical hook-ups come standard with every Little Dipper. Depending on the chosen equipment, Little Dippers require a plumb-up by a professional pool builder or plumber. Similarly, Little Dippers require earthed electrical done by a qualified electrician.

Step 6


If the Little Dipper is being installed in-ground or semi-recessed, the over-excavated area of the footing will need to be backfilled with a granular material that will allow for drainage away from the footings.

Step 7

Fill & Enjoy

Once your pool has been installed and inspected, the pool can then be filled and the chemicals can be balanced. Then comes the best part — call your friends and enjoy your Little Dipper!